Schedule an Oil Change to Keep Your Vehicle Running Smoothly

The motor is the heart of your automobile. Without the motor, the vehicle will not operate, no matter how great its other parts and components. When issues affect the motor, the performance is affected and a breakdown can occur. It is imperative to keep the oil in the vehicle changed to prevent motor engine problems and to prolong the lifetime of your vehicle.

The engine oil keeps the motor well lubricated and running smoothly. But, over time, oil breaks down and turns to sludge. In turn, the engine is not protected and it starts rubbing against other parts and otherwise causing trouble. Most vehicle manufacturers recommend the engine oil is changed every 3,000 miles but some of the newer cars that use synthetic oil may not require an oil change for up to 7000 miles.

Refer to the owner’s manual that comes with your vehicle to learn the exact schedule for your oil changes. Adhere to this recommended service interval schedule and make an appointment at the quick lube hendersonville nc service shop at once. It is better to be safe than to be sorry, especially when it is a component as important as your vehicle’s motor that is on the line.  Regular oil changes make the vehicle happy. As result, expect efficient, smooth operation for a long time to come.

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Some people prefer to change their own oil. That is perfectly acceptable if you wish, however, it is usually easier to schedule service at the lube shop. Not only do the experts have the tools and equipment to quickly change the oil, they can dispose of the oil and save you a tremendous amount of time. Besides, the cost to change oil yourself is about the same as service, so why not leave the job to the pros?