App Instructions For Nylon Coating

If you are working with metal in any form, then this short informational note will be of use to you. If you have metal as part of your processing or manufacturing business’s infrastructure, then utilizing a specially prepared nylon coating for metal is the way to go. You will be giving your business a good shot in the arm if, as a matter of procedure, you are utilizing these specially formulated solutions during your manufacturing processes of products that are predominantly made up of metal.

All young, new artisans, especially promising metal welders, should regard this as welcome news. Seasoned, experienced men usually do not need to be reminded, but you just never know. Anyway, this is for you. Here is a brief outline of the required application instructions for nylon coating for metal products and surfaces. The first job is this. You will need to carefully clean surfaces of oils, dust and grease.

nylon coating for metal

For this job, you have the use of a specially prepared thinner. There is another coating solution thereafter. This one provides you with maximum adhesion once you are ready to make the main nylon coating application.  By the way, before making this application, do make sure that you shake the solution container well before opening it. And then you are ready to make your first application. You can apply the resin with a brush, use a dip process, fill or drain process, or by spraying.

It all depends on the metal product or material. Application instructions will give you guidance on which coating process best serves your work. At least one to two hours are required for drying. This is necessary in order to achieve a tack free surface before applying a second coat. And that’s just the thing. A second coat will be required.